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CPR first aid instructors train and certify other people in CPR and first aid techniques. They must have the relevant training and know how to pass on knowledge and skills to others. One can choose to teach kids, adults or all age groups. The good thing with this profession is that is very rewarding because it involves teaching people how to save lives. For anyone that is interested in becoming a CPR first aid trainer, it is important to know what it takes to pursue a career in this filed.

Training Requirements for CPR First aid Instructors

Each country has its own organizations that provide training and certification for CPR and first aid. In Canada, the most reputable organizations offering training in this area include St Mark James, Heart and Stroke Foundation, Canadian Lifesaving Society and St. Johns Ambulance. Of course, before one even thinks about becoming an instructor, it is necessary to get the basic training in first aid and CPR. The standard course may cover topics such as breathing and cardiac emergencies, emergency care for bleeding, sudden illnesses and injuries. But, training does not end there for instructors. In addition to the basic course, instructors require further certification in order to teach and certify other people in CPR and first aid techniques.

The first course that trainers need to take is the Fundamentals of Instructor Training. This compulsory course includes four hours of training. After training, participants are awarded an FIT certificate, which must be renewed every 12 months.

You can also enroll for the Adult, Child infant CPR and First Aid course. As the name suggests, this course allows CPR first aid instructors to teach people of all age groups. Although this program covers topics that trained first aides are already conversant with, it also provides hands on training on how the class is taught. When you complete this course, you get a certificate that is good for three years and an Adult, Child and Infant CPR certification that is valid for one year.

Another course for CPR first aid instructors is the ‘First Aid/CPR/AED Instructor’ course. The final assessment will include a written and skills test on first aid and CPR. After completing this 20-hour course, you will learn how to teach children and adults alike how to use CPR equipment like AEDs other medical care tools.

Keep in mind that these are just a few of the course available for aspiring first aid instructors. Maker sure to research which instructor training programs your preferred training institution offers.

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What can CPR First Aid Instructors do after Training?

Certified CPR first aid instructors can register with the St Mark James and other humanitarian organizations to teach health and safety classes. On the other hand, one can open private training classes. Whatever you decide, make sure to get certification for CPR and first aid training for instructors.

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