First Aid Training Locations

Selecting the right location and provider for first aid training can be a difficult and confusing process. Potential customers have the option of selecting from a selection of credible First Aid Training Locations providers and a number of different first aid and/or CPR courses. We have partnered with a number of different St Mark James first aid and CPR providers throughout Canada. These providers offer all of the available St Mark James first aid classes as well as credible re-certification classes.

Partnered First Aid Training Locations

Our St Mark James training providers are located in most municipalities throughout Canada. Training locations are found in Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, Surrey, Edmonton, Kelowna, Regina, Winnipeg, and Saskatoon. Our list of St Mark James first aid trainers grows every month so check back to see new locations every month.

Here’s the Full List of Training Partners Located in Canada (from West to East)

British Columbia





  • Thunder Bay
  • Ottawa
  • Windsor
  • Hamilton
  • Toronto
  • Mississauga

Nova Scotia

  • Halifax

Why our Training Partners

CPR and first aid training facility in Kelowna
CPR and first aid training facility in Kelowna

Choosing the right St Mark James first aid trainer can be painful so we have made a list as to why we recommend our training partners for first aid and CPR training:

  • Lowest prices – Our St Mark James first aid trainers ensure that they have the lowest prices in your City for all of the first aid and CPR courses.
  • Experienced Provider – Our training partners are experienced providers of St Mark James programs and have been delivering first aid and CPR classes for the longest time.
  • Most Courses – Each of our training partners features the highest quantity of courses to help accommodate your schedule. All first aid and CPR full and re-certification courses are offered multiple times per week.
  • Convenient Registration – A variety of methods for registration are available including online, telephone, and email registration. Visit our training partners’ website to view the number of registration methods that are possible.
  • Clean and well maintained – Each of our training partners ensures that training centers are well maintained and clean to make the learning environment as comfortable as possible.
  • Best Instructors – Our training partners are committed to hiring and training only the best instructors.

Register with our training partners to ensure you get the best possible first aid trainers available. Registration is quick and easy and training centers are conveniently located throughout your municipality.