First Aid Treatment for Common Emergencies

First Aid: Bandaging Technique

It is important to do the proper bandaging technique when using and administering first aid on a wound or injury. The main goal of placing a bandage on an injury is for immobilization, protection, support or compression. If the bandaging technique is not done properly, it could exacerbate the damage. Bandaging Technique: Triangular Bandage The …

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How Does Angina Occurs Angina is described as a chest pain that normally occurs when the heart does not receive sufficient blood supply thereby depriving it with the oxygen it needs to properly carry out its function. Angina is actually a symptom, but usually mistaken as a condition. When the heart is deprived of blood supply and oxygen, …

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Importance of Finding First Aid Trainers for Drug Overdose

Illegal substance abuse is a worldwide problem which affects millions of individuals regardless of their age or gender. Hence, drug overdose is also a common issue among healthcare professionals and law enforcement agencies. Despite this common knowledge, it is still more enlightening to read actual numbers and facts in order for the magnitude of the …

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