Important Skills That Caregivers Should Learn from First Aid Trainers

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Knowing how to administer first aid, CPR and other life-saving techniques is a must for caregivers since they can be held liable if their incompetency in the area endangers the life of the patients that they are accountable for. This is why caregivers should learn certain first aid skills from accredited first aid trainers which can help caregivers administer the right type of care and medical attention based on the age of their patients. Here are some of the skills that caregivers should learn from first aid trainers.

Accident prevention and management

Caregivers mostly deal with senior citizens who are suffering from dementia and other medical conditions which can cause disorientation, numbness and uncontrollable movements. These medical problems can increase their susceptibility to accidents which is why it is important for caregivers to learn about the different medical interventions that should be applied to accident victims. In older to prevent accidents that are caused by these medical conditions, caregivers should also learn how to properly use restraints which will not harm the patients in any way.


Medication for Allergic Reactions
Medication for Allergic Reactions

By looking for first aid trainers, caregivers will learn more about pharmacology which is always useful when it comes to dealing with senior citizens since many senior citizens take maintenance medications or drugs. Caregivers will learn how to administer medications properly which is important especially in cases where in the medications should be administered intramuscularly. By having basic knowledge in pharmacology, caregivers can prevent drug interactions which can be cause by misreading the doctor’s orders or prescriptions which can lead to the administration of wrong medications. This is a common problem for patients who are taking multiple medications at a time which, according to Statistics Canada, makes up half more than half of Canada’s senior citizen population.

CPR and Breathing Problem Prevention and Management

Circulatory and respiratory problems are common among senior citizens since deteriorating bodily functions and weakening organs are just some of the inevitable effects of aging. This is why caregivers should learn how to administer oxygenation and how to use an AED through a trustworthy first aid trainer to ensure the efficiency of these skills.

Aside from saving the lives of their patients, caregivers can also use their first aid knowledge to save the lives of colleagues or even complete strangers. This is why finding a reliable first aid trainer should be a must for every aspiring and seasoned caregiver regardless of their experience in the field.

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