What Do I Do if Someone is having an Asthma Attack?

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What is an Asthma Attack

An asthma attack is an unexpected deterioration of your asthma symptoms caused by tightening of your airways as a consequence of swelling, inflammation, and mucus. Both you and your kid need to:


  • be aware of The Asthma Care Plan
  • be acquainted with Your Symptoms
  • be familiar with Your Peak Flow
  • distinguish Your Medications
  • identify Early Warning Signs
  • discover Indications For Emergency Care


Am I At Risk For a Fatal Asthma Attack?

Only one-third of asthma deaths occur in the hospital. This means many asthma patients are either not recognizing the symptoms that indicate they should be seeking emergency care or are not being hospitalized with their worsening asthma.


Medical Asthma Inhaler
Medical Asthma Inhaler

Be aware of Your Asthma Care Plan to avoid an Asthma Attack

For anybody who has asthma, an asthma care plan is vital to avoid deterioration of your symptoms. The asthma care plan is your control to shaping how well your asthma is administered and what actions should be taken when the asthma exacerbates. With your contribution, your doctor will expand your asthma care plan.


Know Your Asthma Attack Symptoms:

Everybody with asthma is dissimilar. Some individuals will have repeated attacks while others might go a long time between attacks. You should observe your asthma symptoms like chest tension, gasping, shortness of breath and constant coughing.


Be familiar with Your Peak Flow:

A peak flow gauge is the answer in determining how your asthma is performing and avoiding an asthma attack. It informs you how well you are breathing.

If peak flow figures are deteriorating, your asthma is getting poorer and you should perform swiftly to avoid an asthma attack. You have to present medications based on the directions in the asthma care plan to discontinue the symptoms from getting more brutal.


Distinguish Your Medications:

Knowing the function of each medication in the management of asthma is extremely essential because some medications are intended for the acute assistance of asthma symptoms and some for the long-term control of asthma.


Identify Early Warning Signs of an Asthma Attack:

It is extremely vital that you identify and treat the early signs of an asthma attack. Suitable supervision early on in an asthma attack might prevent an outing to the emergency room or worse.


Discover Indications For Emergency Care:

One of the most vital skills as a casualty or parent of a kid with asthma is to know when you should call your doctor or just head directly to the emergency room. All of the subsequent symptoms are signs that you or your kid needs to search for a healthcare provider:

  • gasping for air that takes place while breathing
  • coughing that has become constant
  • trouble breathing
  • breathing extremely rapid
  • trouble speaking in full sentences
  • becoming restless

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