Aged Spots

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Aged spots should really be called sun spots, because they are caused by being out in the sun. They have absolutely nothing to do with your liver and little to do with your age, other than the fact that they usually occur on oldest people.


Sometimes they may be raised and look like tiny moles. Usually, they’re just like dark, smooth freckles. You will probably notice that they seem to appear suddenly on sun-exposed skin areas.

Sunscreen Each Day Keeps Age Spots Away

The best way to avoid having age spots is to use a good quality sunscreen each time going outdoors, including when it’s overcast. Sunscreen will keep age spots from darkening and will help prevent new ones.

Look for a sun protection factor (SPF) of atleast 15. Unprotected, the average person’s skin turns red – a signal of overexposure – after just 30 minutes. But with SPF 15 sunscreen, you can stay out 15 times as long, or seven hours, with the same effect.

Aged spots
Sometimes they may be raised and look like tiny moles. Usually, they’re just like dark, smooth freckles.

Apply sunscreen atleast 15 minutes before going outdoors. In that way, the skin has a chance to absorb it.

What to do about age spots?

  • Get help from hydroquinone. This is a safe lightening agent that can be found in products such as Porcelana and Esoterica that you can obtain without a prescription. Hydroquinone helps lessen age spots until they happen to be unnoticeable. This therapy usually takes a month or two before you see any results.
  • Shed away spotted skin. Lac-Hydrin Five lotion, is another nonprescription therapy, contains lactic acid.
  • Reach for lemon aid. The juice of fresh lemon is acidic enough to carefully peel off the upper level of skin, which will eliminate or lighten some age spots.
  • Use castor oil for smooth relief. If the surface of individual lesions appear rougher than surrounding skin – which often occurs with age spots – applying castor oil twice daily with cotton swab will sometimes bring about improvement.
  • Be shady character. Since age spots are caused by excessive sun exposure, avoid the sun and you’ll avoid age spots. You will never see an age spot on someone who stays in the shade. restrictive sun exposure will help avoid them from darkening and will minimize a recurrence or the appearance of new ones.
  • Cover ‘em up. If all else fail in trying to remedy them, hide them.

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