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First Aider Treating a Patient For Shock
First Aider Treating a Patient For Shock

A first aider is able to provide initial and basic medical care up until professional medical help arrives. If you intend to go for first aid training, you, must first establish the specific level of training that you would like to achieve. First aid training is generally categorized into three main groups that include the following:

–          First aid training for individuals, schools and at places of work

–          First aid training for medics and other professionals in the medical field

–          First aid training that is geared towards the sports field as well as remote first aid.

The different fields will necessitate different techniques to ensure that trainees are well equipped at the time of certification. These techniques will differ from one type of training to another, but what remains constant throughout the course of training is the qualities that make a great first aider. This article looks at some of the traits that a first aider should possess, and what those traits do for the kind of first aid that is availed.

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i)                    A first aider ought to be very fast and efficient if they are to oversee the provision of quality first aid. When you take into account that first aid providers are always required at the scene of emergency, it is easy to see why there is need to act quickly. It is also important to make mention that quick action is not permission to make errors as these could prove to be very costly.

ii)                   An excellent first aider needs to remain calm at the height of the emergency because more often than not, such scenes are characterized by chaos and confusion, remaining calm also works to assure the victim that you are confident in your first aid skills.

iii)                 First aid trainers must be able to make quick decisions in the course of giving first aid. This is because all you have to make that decision is the injured person right infront of you, yet you need to make a quick and wise decision.

iv)                 You would expect that a great first aider is well prepared for any eventualities, but what happens when the first aid kit does not have the required material? Or when supplies have diminished and are not readily available? This is where the skills of the first aid provider are called upon. It is imperative to be resourceful in order to make the most of the situation at hand. This means improvising to make use of what is available, all the while availing the best care to the patient.

v)                  Efficiency should be a first aider’s second name. it is imperative to provide first aid without subjecting the patient to additional pain. Efficiency also means working without wasting any time. Time is of the essence as far as first aid provision is concerned.

vi)                 As a first aider you must be confident in your skills, and this starts mentally even before you get to attend to the patient. If you possess these traits, you make an excellent first aider.

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