First Aid Procedures For Chocking And Chest Pains

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Overview Of First Aid

  • First aid methods are very convenient before getting any advanced medical assistance. It can prevent the wound from getting worse and avoiding a critical condition.
  • First aid can be done with items that are accessible nearby.
  • First aid treatment can protect lives if it is completed quickly.
  • The casualty should be transported to a doctor as soon as the initial first aid has been done in order for professional treatment.

Chocking And Proper First Aid Care

First aid methods are very convenient before getting any advanced medical assistance.
First aid methods are very convenient before getting any advanced medical assistance.
  • Chocking is caused when a particle of food becomes lodged in the throat.
  • In fact, it happens when there is an obstruction in the airway.
  • Casualty will usually hold their arms around the neck to show they are chocking.
  • The primary treatment for chocking victims is to stand at the back of the casualty and place their arms around the stomach.
  • The casualty should be pressed forward and the stomach of the person has to be pushed upward constantly. This can be done until the food is dislodged from the throat.
  • A casualty can also perform first aid on themselves by doing the Heimlich maneuver if chocking should occur.
  • The casualty must place his fist on the navel while bending forward on any hard surface and pressing up and down until the particle is removed.

Overview Of Chest Pain

  • Chest pain¬†is a severe issue that can cause serious harm if not treated quickly.
  • In some cases it can also result in a heart attack.
  • Lack of breath might also be present while experiencing severe cases of chest pain.
  • In this instance all windows in the room should be pushed open to offer the casualty a steady flow of air to make breathing easier.
  • If the casualty keeps sweating constantly while experiencing shortness of breath, then it is better to drive the casualty to the nearest hospital and they must be given some oxygen by a health practitioner.

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