The abductor hallucis strain

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abductor hallucis strain
abductor hallucis strain

The abductor hallucis muscle lies along within fringe of the foot, by the heel bone.  Abductor hallucis muscle starts from within inner border of the heel bone (calcaneus) and embeds on the big toe (hallux).  The muscle serves to move the big toe far from the other foot toes.  Abductor hallucis muscle strain is regularly misdiagnosed as plantar fasciitis as the reason for heel torment and strain.

Medication for an abductor hallucis injury will change with how intensely the muscle has been harmed; a muscle strain, for instance, is typically treated with the RICE medicine and additionally extending and kneading of the muscle. More intense damages, for example a muscle tear, must be treated by a specialist who might propose immobilization, extending, or in the most extreme cases, minor surgery. This is an uncommon medication for an extraordinary injury.

Causes of strain on abductor hallucis muscle:

The main causes for straining the abductor hallucis muscle are following:

  • Flatfoot
  • Over-pronated foot
  • Trauma to the area
  • Wearing non-supportive tight shoes

 Signs and symptoms of Abductor hallucis strain:

Major manifestations of the strain of abductor hallucis muscle are:

  • Pain inside and along the arch of foot
  • Pain underneath the heel
  • Tenderness
  • Redness
  • Milder inflammation in some cases
  • Over-pronation while walking and running


The diagnosis is usually made on the basis of the existing signs and symptoms in the patient and doctor can confirm it after checking the foot thoroughly. The patient may be asked about the pattern and intensity of the physical activities, some trauma or injury to the foot and the type of the footwear the patient has been wearing recently. After history, a complete general physical examination is performed in which the location of pain and tenderness is checked. After pin pointing the painful location, the diagnosis is confirmed. Some complex and severe cases may require the assistance by some imaging technique.

Treatment of the abductor hallucis strain:

Main treatment options that are utilized by most of the doctor commonly are given in the following text:

  • Rest is the key to avoid further aggravation of condition. Use your muscle less, limit the movement of toes as big toe is linked to the muscle.
  • Ice is an amazing house hold remedy used in case of inflammation of any body part and it works magic. Wrap some ice cubes in a neat and clean piece of cloth and place on affected foot part for about 10 minutes after every hour in severe inflammation and after 4 hours in mild inflammation. Ice also decreases the pain along with inflammation as it causes numbness of the affected part.
  • Provide some external support to arch of foot, like tape the foot so that there is less strain on abductor hallucis muscle.

Buy some orthotics ( shoe inserts) that are helpful in keeping foot in a good position and help preventing the over-pronation of foot that puts strain on the abductor hallucis muscle.

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